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2020: Covid-19 Relief, India

The global pandemic of the Corona virus has spread its ugly hands to the huge populace of India creating severe distress of hunger and instability. The sudden unplanned lockdown of the country is specially affecting the poor marginalized villagers who are compelled to stay at home leaving their employment. The farmers cannot harvest the ripe grains that are rotting in the fields. They have no earnings to buy food. The government provision of grains are inadequate and irregular in supply. Our local volunteers of the Caring Hands team serving the Bansberia village complex are organizing help with regular weekly distribution of rice, pulses, potatoes, eggs and oil. For the last two weeks we are helping 160 families. We now have added another 200 individuals for daily meals in 4 centers around urban Kolkata. This food supply will continue for three months and will be extended after that as needed. The villagers have been provided with face masks and instructed about physical distancing. We request your help with donations to The Caring Hands earmarked with COVID-19, India.

West Bengal, India

$6500 contribution

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