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2021: Free COVID treatment for underprivileged

Support free Covid19 treatment for underprivileged patients.

Hyderbad, India


Sri Sri Holistic Hospital had been operating a 100-bed COVID19 facility since March, 2020 in Hyderabad, India. With the second surge of COVID19 cases in India, the need of the moment was high and the underprivileged were disproportionately impacted. Starting mid-May, Sri Sri Holistic Hospital opened a 50-bed free COVID19 center for treatment of mild cases or patients in recovery that needed supplemental oxygen. In June, COVID19 patients started getting admitted with more serious symptoms that prompted the hospital to dedicate 20 beds to underprivileged patients for free treatment.

Sri Sri Holistic Hospital used the US $35,000 grant from Caring Hands to provide free/subsidized treatment to underprivileged patients in ICU, with black fungus infections as well as patients in the free COVID19 care center.

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