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2012-: Lunch bag service for HomeFirst shelter in Sunnyvale, CA

2012-:  Lunch bag service for HomeFirst shelter in Sunnyvale, CA

Project Description:

To supplement meal services of HomeFirst shelter, our volunteers prepare and deliver 60 meal packages on Saturdays/Sundays throughout the year to the shelter to feed the homeless and needy in our local community in Silicon Valley, Northern California.


What is Meal service with HomeFirst shelter?
Our volunteers prepare and deliver food packages on Saturdays and Sundays of each week and deliver to  HomeFirst family shelter in Sunnyvale. The food package supplements the lunch service at the shelter.

What is contained in the food package delivered to HomeFirst shelter?
Each food package consists of  40 packaged brown bags with PBJ sandwiches, fruit (banana/orange), chips, granola bar, juice and napkins alongwith 2 gallons of milk and 4 dozens of hard boiled eggs with shell. 

Please see shopping list and packaging instructions at

What is the drop off address for the meal packages?

The food is delivered to HomeFirst shelter in Sunnyvale. The delivery addresses are:

  • HomeFirst shelter, 999 Hamlin Ct, Sunnyvale, CA

What is the overall process?
Host families sign up using sign-up sheets that Caring Hands maintains to host the service in their homes. They procure the items in the shopping list and pack the items as instructed Please use the shopping list provided. Student volunteers will get credit for volunteer hours.

Volunteers who donate to Sunnyvale shelter can obtain a receipt for the donation at the shelter that can be used for tax purposes. 

How do we sign up?
If you would like to sign up, please email us at

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